Causes and effects of internet icq and irc on my life

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I had the pleasure of making many long distance contacts including Anchorage in Alaska from our base station setup in regional SE QLD. all on our home made 3 element yagi.

Causes and Effects of Internet, ICQ and IRC on My Life Nowadays Internet becomes more and more popular in our society. We communicate less in real life and actually totally change our lifestyle.

I am using Internet for long three years and now I noticed that it affected my life very much. I.

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Jun 22,  · So I stupidly was doing either "" in the location bar or "irc://", as I said in my second post. It should have been "irc://". I think I'm connected now.

IRC is Internet Relay Chat, and works rather like a tree diagram, where different twigs can talk to each other, relayed through branches or even the trunk. (You only need to remember this analogy when you get 'link breakage', where a branch has lost contact temporarily, leaving one whole group of twigs etc.

isolated until the problem is fixed.

Causes and effects of internet icq and irc on my life
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