Disney and masculinity

Same goes with Kuzco - the way he speaks to those women is supposed to reinforce just how much of an ass he is at the start of the movie.

Kids are actually capable of grasping more than people give them credit for. The only hero shown to be like this referenced in this video is Hercules, and that example is a bit nuanced itself. Must have real breasts. He was a bad guy and he tried to hurt the Beast and he fell off the castle.

Also, Beauty and the Beast does value caring, compassion, and sensitivity. I grew up during the Disney renaissance and loved those movies growing up. If someone were to give a character chiseled abs, then Pinocchio would literally have been the perfect character, but no chiseling there. Your example of the glorified body type is Hercules.

Aisha — October 16, This would have been a very compelling case had the video not only picked out 8 of the several hundred Disney feature films to be made especially those with the most supportive material for the argument, thus totally disregarding films which actually defy the case for Disney and masculinity eg Meet the Robinsons, Ratatouille, Treasure Planet and the fact that all but 2 of those films were made in the early 90's, when objectification of men or women in films were less criticized upon than they are now.

Essentially, the video argues that masculinity in Disney movies has three primary elements: People of all genders get love when they find someone whose company they enjoy, whose presence makes their stomachs flip over, who makes them a better person, who shares their values, whom they want to share a life with.

He's the bully who thinks he can get the girl through strength and a chiseled chest, but the girl is more impressed by the heart and intelligence of the Beast.

Disney Masculinity

Speaking of his film - neither Kuzco or Pacha possess the "heroic physique". The term was first coined by RW Connell, a transsexual Australian sociologist decorated in the contemporary world of intellectuals. Arguably, in this case, Captain Hook was the one who had those features; well a chiseled jaw line, and narrow waist making his chest look barrel-shaped; the arms may or may not have been massive.

Simba — thanks to his authoritative, restrained nature — emerges as the stronger character, as the hero of the story. In this case I feel that disney is giving young girls the opportunity to understand that besides finding someone who you love, it is also possible and fulfilling to succeed at something in your own right.

Those are the very qualities that the Beast must gain in order to win Belle's heart and set himself and his castle free from the the witch's spell. What were his character flaws. You can follow her on TwitterFacebookand Instagram. Most of them, especially the earlier ones, are really problematic when it comes to portraying gender roles.

I thought perhaps Newton was about to offer an alternative perspective, but unfortunately not. Is it not a good message to stand up for yourself when absolutely neccessary. Must be 5ft7in-5ft8in, size 4 or 6, no bigger or smaller. He was mean, but he got to be a nice llama. As previously mentioned, a rampant theme in Disney movies is a strong sense of family, or as Connell identifies it as familial patriarchy.

Of course, though, the emperor in The Emperor's New Groove had none of these traits. How times have changed. The Princess and the Frog has some very interesting class and race commentary:.

7 thoughts on “ Constructions of Masculinity in Disney Movies ” Kaz August 8, at am. Well said. I’ve always been annoyed at those who complain about Disney Princesses being poor role models and how they don’t let their girls pretend to be Princesses.

Make no mistake, Disney movies have plenty to teach young men about masculinity, and not all of the lessons are good. I loved watching Disney movies as a child. masculinity in disney films gender, masculinity, film, news & documentary This mini-documentary uploaded on Youtube features clips from Disney films as well as.

Masculinity in Disney Films. What do you think of the following videos analysis of masculinity in Disney movies?

masculinity in disney films

I share my thoughts below the video. portray masculinity as an object of female agency. Over time, Disney‘s representations of masculinity have become more supportive of male agency and individuality, but this. of masculinity in Disney films, it is necessary to examine the construction of male gender stereotypes and masculinity therein.

The Disney Corporation has consistently marketed itself to children and families.

Disney and masculinity
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